I truly consider myself an uncommon provider.

I am my true self at all times, just the girl next door, with a genuine and caring appeal that I’m sure you will find you are extremely drawn to.

Originally from Virginia, I grew up on a farm riding horses and enjoying the simple things in life, I am a country girl at heart who is just as comfortable in boots as I am heels! I also love basking in the sunshine on the beaches of Jacksonville where I’m now so happy to call home. I enjoy being different and standing out in a crowd.

I see every day as a challenge to be a better me. I love to laugh and love to make others smile. An exhibitionist at heart, I am everything but shy.

I am a country girl at heart who is just as comfortable in boots as I am heels!

I truly enjoy showing off my body, I take good care of it and appreciate others who appreciate that.

I am a free spirit, yet an amazing conversationalist, I seek your undivided attention, and won’t ever lose it. I want to learn about you, your needs, listening and pleasing you.

I am constantly looking for new ways to bring excitement into our meetings, I’m known to show up with something special each time we meet that is specifically based on special things you’ve shared with me. Long lasting friendships, affairs of the mind, body, and soul, and genuine caring feelings are what you can expect to receive from me at all times.

A few things I love

  • Fitness

    I’m a certified personal trainer and hoping to compete in the Figure division again next summer.

  • Animals

    Huge animal lover. I stop and pet everyone’s dogs at the park! I have two amazing cats who are crazy snuggle bugs and have awesome personalities.

  • Classic Rides

    My dream car is a black 69 Chevelle. I’m saving my pennies to own one! You can also see me at most bike events, catching a ride on the back of a Harley.

Fee Schedule

Duration Donation
1 hour $700
90 minutes(preferred minimum) $1000
2 hours $1300
3 hours $1600
4 hour Lunch/dinner date $1800
6 hours Extended lunch/dinner date $2200
8 hours $2600
Overnight or daytime rendezvous (12 hours) $3400
Full Day* $4000
  • Travel inside US add $500 to total rate per day.
  • Travel outside US add $1000 to total rate per day.
  • 50% deposit required for appoinments booked for travel.
  • 25% deposit required for appoinments booked for 12 hours or more.

*6 Hours of sleep required for any overnight visits


If you have any questions, please contact me via C.mckenna317@gmail.com or 904-907-3969 (text-only). To book time with me, please use the form below.